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President's Message

Welcome to our world of excellence, where excellent people make excellent goods and services for excellent people like you.

Over the last two decades we have devoted tremendous time, energy and resources improving on the quality of our staff, goods and services. The result has been equally tremendous as we have continued to up the ante in all endeavors. We have built solid bridges of ethical and sustainable partnerships all over the world, and cemented walls of uncertainties and failures. From a mere distribution concern in 1989 we have become a proud factory owner capped with import and mining licenses. 

With the sky as our limit, we have another license to build a two million metric tones integrated cement plant in Arochukwu Abia State. Our 1.1mmt cement plant in Calabar is being upgraded to a clinker grinding mill under the medium term plan. Upon the successful implementation of the long term plan Reagan Cement would inject a total of 5mmt in the market. 

With an eye on excellence, our cement has won the best brand award for the years 2013 and 2014. The number of our distributors have increased from 15 at inception to over 200. We have equally expanded our distributorship network from Nigeria to other West African Countries, and to the Caribbean. Our quest for aggressive marketing supported by first class customer relations services has given rise to globalized solutions. So much so that interaction has never been so easy, simplistic and to our customers door-steps. We are available in over 3000 lounges all over the world, we are in 900 cities and in over 120 countries of the world where business meetings are conducted. When we say welcome to our world, we mean every word of it.

We intend to continue with our success story even where others failed. By so doing, our mission of producing the finest quality of cement and services to our clientele, make it available and affordable becomes inevitable. As we always say; with REAGAN CEMENT – NO SHAKING!

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